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As Commander Sikwel once said, “I want you to know that Scaba is inescapable.”



What would the two groups of kids do when, every time they make one move toward their goal to escape from Scaba, they find that they have fallen three steps behind? Would that push them to become one team and work together to solve all the mysteries in Scaba, or fill them with hatred toward each other, exactly as King Bermuda wants.

 Two groups of children, the palace's kids and the city’s teenagers, have been abducted and enslaved in the Kingdom of Scaba, a realm that lies beneath the human world and is inhabited by bizarre creatures: the Makash and the Shakams  ruled by a vicious king who likes to see the human kids competing with each other in a brutal way. Everywhere in Scaba there is human kids from all over the world serving as slaves. Some of them have been there for over ten years, and some even more.



The palace kids come to know about the Doom’s Book, which contains the secrets of Scaba. It is meant to be opened by only one particular pair of human beings. Are they going to find that particular couple? More importantly, can they get the book in the first place? Why does the city teenager become homeless? And what does it mean to become one in Scaba? Is it necessary for the city teenagers to get into organized fights with Makash kids? What is the power of the Dazar, and who possesses it?



Does the crystal ball sees everything happing in Scaba? if so, why doesn’t it reveal anything about the runaways? Why is King Bermuda is the only one in Kingdom of Scaba who is not harmed by iron and can touch the Dazar? Who is the weird neighbor? These are just some of the many mysteries that needed to be solved by the kids in order to escape from Scaba.



"Quote Pulled from the Testimonial"

I am very sad because the story ended.... i wished it never did.

Tamara Mailoar.


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